Phase Motion Control
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Custom solutions

Special projects

The limit is only in the Customer and engineer’s imagination!

Phase control every aspect of motion control to design.
The company produce innovative custom solutions thanks to more than
30 years’ experience in very different industries.

Often, the best design is the result of Customer’s expertise and technological competence of our Energy and Motion Control specialists. Phase Motion Control leave it to the motor and control design to increase performance or add product value.

A range of new technologies was developed over the years, from ultra high dynamics hollow engines for fast semiconductor die placement, to outer rotary motors to be built inside the sheave of high speed elevators for minimum fottprint, to direct drive, double axial air gap, large diameter motors for large telescopes, down to high vacuum direct drive rings for spaceborne robots.

The Company performs all stages of the product design cycle, from conception through validation with CAD and FEA tools, to component and subsystem design and specification, down to the definition of tools, jigs and production cycles.

Electric Propulsion for Air Mobility

High performance propulsion drivetrains for all electric, hybrid and eVTOL future aircrafts

High torque direct drive electric motors for high-speed vessels

The high torque direct drive electric motors from Brim Tech represents a silent revolution at sea.


In the brave new world of renewable energy and EVs on the road, intelligent energy storage is going to be crucial.

Super high torque direct drive motors for ropeways

The largest of a series of modular Direct Drive, high torque, low speed motors drive the most modern mountain installations without need for gears, oil and related oil change.

Photovoltaic Power Plant

A very large, roof mounted 2 MW photovoltaic. Phase developed the whole project, supplied their own Ax-Sun 750 kW solar inverter and filter cabinets.


We develop new and important skills in strategic areas, such as fast charging systems, batteries, and also in the development of engines for applications in sectors such as marine and aerospace electric propulsion.

Elevator motors for Skyscrapers

Specific optimized and customized solutions, both based on our existing magnetic circuits, and as 100% tailormade developments. Large capacity elevators and drives and modular direct lines for cable cars are just examples of these possible applications.

Motors for telescopes

Balanced double radial airgap, large diameter segmented motor with integral high accuracy drive for large Telescopes.


Engine for a highly technological and efficient submarine that is characterized by its size and extremely low weight, equipped with a very high power...


Power electronics is the key to decarbonization. PMC expands research & development and the scope of its products from advanced motors to ultra-high-speed chargers considering that electric mobility relies on high-performance batteries more than any other technology.

Hybrid electric motor systems for marine propulsion

Sailboats use the hybrid motor system to sail electrically both in harbor and at sea with range extended to several hours; battery recharging is achieved either by the drag on the propeller during sailing, or by the diesel engine, or by plugging in when moored.

World speed record with Bertone ZER - 309 km/h - 1994/1995

This experimental car was entirely designed and produced by Bertone, with the aim of testing the potential of the most advanced technology in the field of electric traction.

Direct drive and transaxle motors and drives for high performance electric cars

Twin high performance motors in a single package, and the related high power drives, were developed for 4 wheel traction high performance electric cars.


DEXARM is a robot arm comparable in size, force and dexterity to a human arm, to be used for space robotics applications in which the manipulation/intervention tasks were originally conceived for humans.

Direct Drive Generators

Renewable energy:  A number of direct drive Phase Motion Control generators were developed, and are in production, drawing from the Company’s experience in large specialized PM motors and drives.

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