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High Performance Electric Cars

Case History

Direct drive and transaxle motors and drives for high performance electric cars

Twin high performance motors in a single package, and the related high power drives, were developed for 4 wheel traction high performance electric cars.

In a single package with around 300 mm diameter and 300 total length, with a total mass below 50 kg, two separate motors and universal joints were packed with an available torque of over 2000 Nm peak per axis and 120 kW total continuous power over a 4:1 speed range.

A similar, smaller package equips the front wheels of a high performance, 4×4 sport electric vehicle. Phase also supply the water cooled, high current drives. Several other custom traction applications were developed by the Phase Motion Control vehicle team in the last decade, but only recently the electric vehicle seems to be coming of age.

Made in 2009

High Performance Electric Car
High Performance Electric Cars