Phase Motion Control
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Phase Motion Control

Phase Motion Control plans to grow with the original ethical vision of supporting humanity through cybernetics research

Phase Motion Control (PMC) was created with the vision that the interdisciplinary research in new materials, power electronics, advance magnetics, sensors, and RT SW would create unlimited opportunity in cybernetics to the advantage of society in all fields.

This vision materialized in precision drives for the world’s largest telescopes and compact actuators for rocket nozzle vectoring. Phase’s cybernetic advancements extend from biomedical training machines to fly-by-wire actuators and pioneering work in DD robotics and NC machine control in the late ’90s.

Aligned with its vision, Phase consistently invests in R&D, introducing innovations like the Torquewire® motor in 2002. Technologies such as planar transformers, SiC, and GAN are integral to the current production program.

Ongoing R&D initiatives focus on solid-state battery tech, eco anodes for Li-Ion batteries, rare earth-free permanent magnets, and rare earth magnet recycling.

In response to society’s recognition of the imperative of decarbonization, Phase is actively engaged in electrifying mobility and developing powertrains for sea, land, and air transport. This spans from DD ferries and workboats to flying pleasure boats, bus and truck powertrains, and the rapidly expanding realm of electric aviation, both conventional and E-VTOL.

On the energy front, Phase has developed ultra-high-speed, storage, and non-storage-based supercharger units for electric vehicles. The decarbonization focus positions Phase for substantial development, with a strategic segmentation into aerospace, storage, and land/sea divisions.

The company’s growth plan is anchored in its original ethical vision of supporting humanity through cybernetics research.