Phase Motion Control
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Torque Wire Motors

Standard Products

Integrated Servo Drive

The motor systems are controlled via a multi drop
CANOpen fieldbus (or EtherCAT fieldbus),
linking together groups of motors on a single bus system

The TorqueWire motor system consists of an advanced, high performance rare earth brushless servo motor, a DSP based, high voltage interpolating servo drive and a single or multi turn absolute encoder, all assembled in a very compact IP 67 protected frame.

TW Torque Wire Motors

TorqueWire™ stands for a set of motion control products designed for a seamless integration of complex motion control systems without complex wiring.

All products in the family are connected on a CanOpen field bus which controls motion trajectory and on-line interpolation, as well as I/Os, sensors, control panels, PLCs and so on with surprising ease and high performance.

The TorqueWire‘ product range spans from the new TW integrated servo motors, which embody a new technology compact servo, an interpolating position loop drive, and a multiturn absolute encoder; to various control panels with different levels of visualization, built-in PLC and NC; to NC-PLC cards suitable for Industrial PC environment, to distributed analogue and digital I/Os.

From now on, the integration of complex, multi axis control systems is simpler. All drives control just the power flow, locally on the motor; there is a single user interface, instead of a variety of little panels on multiple drives; the centralized intelligence affords high level graphic programming, self explanatory; while all I/Os are distributed where and as many as needed on the single bus line which is the neural system of contemporary designs.