Everything is motion and energy

We are active throughout all automation fields where high performances are essential

A universal code linking man and nature.
The history of mankind is a tale of harnessing fire, energy, motion.

Our technology allows to propel vessels and airplanes electrically in order to avoid pollution. To control the largest telescopes in the world with milliarcsecond accuracy *, to harness natural energy from tides, wind, sun.

The highest level of performance is achieved when specific application expertise is coupled with in depth component development ability. Phase Motion Control and their Customers engineer advanced motion solutions together to reach significant results in diverse application areas. Typical, but non restrictive, “solution” examples are illustrated here.

* milliarcsecond (plural milliarcseconds) (metrology) A unit of angle equal to one thousandth of an arcsecond (used especially in astronomy)


New developments in the field of Electric Propulsion will bring Urban Air Mobility to reality.
Phase R&D is engaged in this sector over many projects from advanced cargo eVTOLs to electric powertrains for aircraft and helicopters.


Specific optimized and customized solutions, all based on 100% tailormade developments.
Large capacity elevators and drives and modular direct drives for cable cars are just only examples of possible applications.


Electric mobility the key to decarbonization.
Phase expands research & development and the scope of its products from advanced motors to ultra-high-speed chargers and new battery technology. Electric mobility will only take off with the availability of 10 minute charging and high energy batteries. Phase R&D and power electronics is focused on this.

Innovation is linked to speed, accuracy and efficiency


The technologies developed by PCM minimise energy consumption in various applications. Direct Drive solutions, with permanent magnets, which are developed by Phase Motion Control can be used advantageously for compressors, HVAC systems and replacements of hydraulic transmissions of mechanical units. The same can also be used for asynchronous engines allowing higher performance, high efficiency and an overall operation cost lower than traditional solutions.


MW class high torque, high efficiency PM motors for all electric and hybrid vessels are used, from efficient and silent propulsion to auxiliary systems.


ALMA is the most ambitious radio astronomy project undertaken so far worldwide. It consists of 56, autonomous, giant submillimetre radio telescopes installed on a 5000 meters altitude plateau in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. The telescopes can be operated synchronously to obtain the highest resolution, in the order of milliarc second.

Electronic motion control is becoming more and more pervasive in all applications

We are convinced that the advance of science is as much the driving force of humanity as it is the only means of offering the best future for all living beings

Eng. Marco Venturini

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