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AxN Series

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Drive Technology

The AxN Series is a stand-alone device with B6 rectifier input
in a range from 9 to 200A (continuous duty).

AxN Series signifies a complete current range between 4 Arms and 300 Arms across 6 sizes (AxM II, AxN, and AxW DC), alongside various interfaces including analogue (+/-10V), fieldbus (CANOpen and EtherCAT), pulse, and direction.

Featuring a comprehensive set of analogue and digital I/Os, AxN Series also offers a multiport encoder interface supporting popular digital protocols such as EnDat, Hiperface, SinCos, TTL, or resolver.

AxN Series

New AC drive AxN has been developed by Phase Motion  Control and is the perfect partner for U3 brushless  motors and for TK torque motors.

AxN Series embodies a comprehensive current range spanning from 15 Arms to 110 Arms across 4 sizes, complemented by diverse interfaces: analogue (+/-10V), fieldbus (CANOpen and EtherCAT), pulse, and direction.

Included within AxN’s capabilities is a complete array of analogue and digital I/Os, along with a multiport encoder interface accommodating prevalent digital protocols like EnDat, Hiperface, SinCos, TTL, or resolver. Fundamental principles guiding AxN’s design encompass robustness, ensuring all internal components are soldered and connectors are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, flexibility, enabled by a versatile cooling plate allowing three mounting options, and cutting-edge technology, exemplified by best-in-class control loops (current: 1 us cycle time, speed: 125 us cycle time, position: 125 us cycle time) and a new high-performance voltage control algorithm for field weakening (up to 10 times knee speed) even in highly dynamic applications.

Furthermore, AxN boasts internal PLC programmability compliant with the IEC61131-3 standard languages, supplemented by a comprehensive suite of software management and tuning tools, all embodying the defining features of Phase Motion Control’s latest AxN Series drives.

Power Supply Voltage

150-500 Vac [50/60 Hz] 3 phase

Protection degree


Hardware Configuration

Size Code Dimensions (H×W×D) Nominal Current
Peak Current [A]
1 AXN.09.20.4 201.8×96×164.6 9 20
AXN.16.30.4 16 30
3 AXN.22.44.4 488x249x150 22 44
AXN.35.70.4 35 70
AXN.50.100.4 50 100
4 AXN.70.140.4 488x249x200 70 140
5 AXN.90.150.4 725x249x286 90 150
AXN.110.200.4 110 200
AXN.110.250.4 110 250
AXN.150.300.4 150 300
6 AXN.200.300.4 625x286x249 200 300