AxN Series

Standard Products

Drive Technology

The AxN Series is a stand-alone device with B6 rectifier input
in a range from 9 to 200A (continuous duty).

Ax means a complete current range between 4 Arms and 300 Arms in 6 sizes (AxM II, AxN and AxW DC), together with several interfaces: analogue (+/-10V), fieldbus (CANOpen and EtherCAT), pulse and direction.

Ax is featuring a complete set of analogue and digital I/Os and a multiport encoder interface for the most common digital protocols (EnDat, Hiperface) as SinCos, TTL or resolver.

AxN Series

AXN AC Drive has been 100% developed by Phase Motion Control and is the perfect partner for U3 Series Servomotors as well as for TK Series Torque Motors.

Power Supply Voltage

150-500 Vac [50/60 Hz] 3 phase

Protection degree


Hardware Configuration

Size Code Dimensions (H×W×D) Nominal Current
Peak Current [A]
1 AXN.09.20.4 201.8×96×164.6 9 20
AXN.16.30.4 16 30
3 AXN.22.44.4 488x249x150 22 44
AXN.35.70.4 35 70
AXN.50.100.4 50 100
4 AXN.70.140.4 488x249x200 70 140
5 AXN.90.150.4 725x249x286 90 150
AXN.110.200.4 110 200
AXN.110.250.4 110 250
AXN.150.300.4 150 300
6 AXN.200.300.4 625x286x249 200 300