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Standard Products

Integrated Servo Drive - TWX

Rated Torque Range: 3.7 Nm – 6.4 Nm

The TW series is particularly innovative in the electromagnetic compatibility approach.

As there are no cables between drive and motor, and also between sensor and drive, the system has a very low RFI emission signature and an equally reduced susceptibility to electromagnetic interference.
The drive is designed and validated for high level vibration and wide temperature range. The design is free from electrolythic capacitors, thus enabling long life even in temperature.

Cooling types


Expansion Board

EtherCAT , COE

Hardware configuration

Size Code Nominal Speed [rpm] Nominal Torque [Nm] Nominal Power [W] Cooling Type

Size 5

X0503.40.4 4500 3.4 600 Natural cooling
X0506.30.4 4200 6.4 1100

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