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TWX Overview & Applications

Standard Products

twx servo motors Overview

TorqueWire® TWX integrated servo motors, are complete self sufficient servo axis building blocks which allow the design, integration and operation of large multi axis systems with minimum hardware and surprising ease.

TWX series system consists of an advanced, high performance rare earth brushless servo motor.

The device incorporate a DSP based, high voltage interpolating servo drive, and a single or multi turn absolute encoder, all assembled in a very compact IP 65 frame, with no cables or junctions between motor and drive.

The performance of TorqueWire® Tecnology originates from the advanced design of both motor and drives. The motor parts take advantage of a novel, highly optimized winding design, along with new magnetic materials and a special winding technique, all of which result in a servo motor with about 60% of the size of a conventional integrated servo motor design.

TWX series is particularly innovative in the electromagnetic compatibility approach.
The drive is designed and validated for high level vibration and wide temperature range.
The design is free from electrolythic capacitors, enabling long life even in temperature.

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The control is performed via a EtherCAT or CAN fieldbus, linking groups of motors on a single bus system.
Power is supplied from a common DC bus, and braking energy from any drive is intrinsically recycled on other axis.
Such advantage is invested in both temperature rise derating and space for the drive.
In this way, TorqueWire motors, including the drive, are smaller than comparable motors with similar rating.

  • Coordinated multi axis machinery
  • Laser plotter/scanner
  • Precision Injection Molding
  • Plastic Flexo Printing
  • Pouching, bottling, wrapping
  • Packaging, Palletizing Robots
  • Assembly Machines
  • Pick and place Robots/Arms
  •  Work-piece setting for wood
  • Textline Industry
  • Metal Forming
  • Rotary Tables/Tool Changers
  • Metrology,  Quality Control
  • CMM (Coordinated Measuring Machine)
  • Touch Probe
  • 3D Scan Robot/Arms
  • 3D Reverse Engineering


Features overview

Supply Voltage: 310 – 600 Vdc
  Rated Torque: 3.7 Nm – 6.4 Nm
 Speed Up to 4.000 rpm
Servo Integrated Drive

Can/EtherCAT Fieldbus

USB PC Commissioning

 STO included

 Protection Class: IP 65

Safe Torque Off

 • STO Safety Function  Class SIL2 PLd CAT 3    (Certification in progress)

Fieldbus type choice

 • EtherCAT (COE)

• CANOpen (DS301 DSP402)

Feedback devices

 • Endat Heidenhain Absolute Encoder single or multi-turn ( 180 arcsec accuracy )

• Two pole resolver