Phase Motion Control
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TWX Profiles and Parameters

Standard Products

twx motion Profiles implementations

The TWX motors is CiA (Can in Automation) DS301 and DSP402 compliant, and more recent IEC 61800-7-201 compliant, for highest  integration and compatibility with existing or future fieldbus networks or servo devices.

Maximum standardization leads to easy software routines reutilization. and allows fixed backgrounds and understanding between manufacturers, developers, customers and machine operators.

TWX drives implement all the most common Motion Profiles according to International Standards:

CiA DSP 402 motion modes

    •  Profile position mode
    •  Profile velocity mode
    •  Profile torque mode
    •  Profile interpolated position mode with linear trajectory generator
    •  Homing mode

IEC 61800-7-201 motion modes

    • Cyclic Synchronous Position mode (CSP)
    • Cyclic Synchronous Velocity mode (CSV)
    • Cyclic Synchronous Torque mode (CST)
    • Touch Probe Function

TWX specific functions

    • Aux digital input functions (quick-stop, touch-probe, homing)
    • Rotary Table Control (with automatic best route)

For complete motion modes and profiles explanation and samples, refer to the official TWX User Manual