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TWX Firmware & EDS

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TWX Firmware Update

Firmware Download Links

From the links below, users can download all the official firmware versions for TWX motor series.

The firmware is the same for all sizes and types of TWX series; it is possible to download and use the “CompatCore legacy firmware” for the customers of previous TW Series.


TWX Charlie Core 1-7-6 410.61 KB 85 downloads


TWX Charlie CompatCore 1-7-6 416.11 KB 87 downloads

charlie.compatcore.1-7-6 ...

TWX Charlie Core 1-7-4 411.71 KB 624 downloads


TWX Charlie Compatcore 1-7-4 416.78 KB 613 downloads

Compatible with previous TW drive motors ...

Firmware update procedure


To update or restore the Firmware in the servo drive:

  1. Download the correct version of firmware you need from the links above

  2. Connect  your PC via USB type C cable to the servo motor 

  3. Open the specific TWX commissioning software named  “Cockpit LT” , available free of charge in Software and Tools section.

  4. RIGHT CLICK on Windows icon “connection server” that remain always visible on the bottom right corner of desktop, while Cockpit LT Software is open.

  5. Left click on DEVICES => right click on the device to update -> left click on FIRMWARE UPDATE and follow the procedure


The same function to update the firmware, is also available inside Cockpit LT software,  in the DEVICE STATUS TAB as shown in image below

Just right click on the Device to update and select Firmware Update from the menu.


Generic factory EDS/ESI files download

Generic Electronic Data Set (Canopen) and ESI .xml Ethercat subsystem information files, for configuring FieldBus Network or Master to operate with our TWX series servo drive motors.

EDS (Canopen) e ESI (EtherCAT) for TWX series 4.75 KB 742 downloads

EDS (Electronic Data Set) file to configure Canopen master to comunicate with our...

Specific application EDS/ESI download from drive

CockpitLT tool allows to download, directly from the TWX drive, the EDS/ESI files of the the specific implementation in use, so to integrate the drive in an existing Fieldbus network or Master.

Just click on “Object Directory” tab, select “Get all files” , select “Get ESI”. (see software screenshot below)

This  section applies to the most recent “TWX” series of compact TorqueWire brusheless motor with integrated servo drive, by Phase Motion Control.