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Bidirectional (G2V AND G2V) fast battery charger systems

Case History

Bidirectional fast battery charger systems
for a decarbonized economy

In the evolving landscape of renewable energy and electric vehicles, the role of intelligent energy storage cannot be overstated. Bidirectional G2V AND G2V fast battery charger systems are poised to become indispensable in this dynamic environment.

The proliferation of privately owned electric vehicles represents a significant opportunity, effectively transforming these vehicles into mobile energy reserves. This phenomenon facilitates the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Phase is leading the charge in this transformative movement with its innovative development of bidirectional, fast-charging EV systems. These cutting-edge systems boast a maximum power transfer of 25 kW, offering versatility for both indoor and outdoor settings, and seamless connectivity to 4G networks, with future-proof capabilities for 5G integration.

This connectivity enables centralized network stabilization, automated vehicle recognition, and charging optimization. Furthermore, Phase’s forward-thinking approach includes compatibility with industry standards such as CCS 1, 2, and Chademo.

Bidirectional (G2V AND G2V) fast battery charger systems


Power electronics is the key to decarbonization. PMC expands research & development and the scope of its products from advanced motors to ultra-high-speed chargers considering that electric mobility relies on high-performance batteries more than any other technology.