Photovoltaic Power

Case History

2 MW photovoltaic power plant
is assembled on an industrial rooftop

A very large, roof mounted 2 MW photovoltaic plant is being erected in Casella, north of Genova, by Phase Motion Control.

The large, lightweight roof erected in the 60s could hardly take a large load so a special aluminum structure was designed and manufactured with 5 mt roof connection pitch. The positioning of over 11,000 modules o the roof was performed in just over 4 hours by a helicopter team (click here to see movie of operation).

Phase developed the whole project, supplied their own Ax-Sun 750 kW solar inverter+filter cabinets, and delivers the whole plant as a turnkey project to plant owner and operator Solux Spa.

Made in 2010

2 MW Photovoltaic Power plant is assembled on an industrial rooftop