Phase Motion Control
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Marine Electric Traction

Case History

Hybrid electric motor systems for marine propulsion

A number of hybrid traction systems are developed by Phase Motion Control for traction and sea propulsion. Sailboats use the hybrid motor system to sail electrically both in harbor and at sea with range extended to several hours; battery recharging is achieved either by the drag on the propeller during sailing, or by the diesel engine, or by plugging in when moored.

Conventional motoring is possible as well as ultra smooth maneuvering when mooring.

Additionally, the Phase Motion Control water cooled power pack provides AC power for on board services. Considering the average use of the IC engine in a sailboat, the hybrid motor system shrinks average fuel usage to nearly 0.

Power hybrid systems and components (motor generators, power packs) are produced in the 30-80 kW range.

Made in 2009

ZF Marine Electric Traction
ZF Marine Electric Traction
ZF Marine Electric Traction