Phase Motion Control
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One million Newton meter.

Case History

Super high torque direct drive motors for ropeways
One million Newton meter

The largest in a series of modular direct drive, high torque, low-speed motors has been developed for applications in large ropeway systems and elevators. Peak torque exceeds 1 million Nm with a mass just below 22 tons.

These motors power the most modern mountain installations without the need for gears, oil, and related maintenance such as oil changes. Direct drive motors offer superior efficiency, almost zero noise, and require no maintenance. They seamlessly blend with the natural environment without causing any disturbance.

The motor consists of four modular water-cooled “rings” (stator + rotor), delivering high performance with 136,000 Nm of torque at 22 rpm, and a power output of over 300 kW for each module, totaling 1.2 MW (TK.2300.1600.250).