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Bertone ZER Electric Car

Case History

World speed record with Bertone ZER - 309 km/h - 1994/1995

In 1994 Bertone presented a futuristic idea on the theme of the electric car. A lightweight frame combined with an electric motor powered by 36 lead-acid batteries and built on an aerodynamic body, gives life to the Z.E.R. (Record of zero emissions).

This experimental car was entirely designed and produced by Bertone, with the aim of testing the potential of the most advanced technology in the field of electric traction.

420 cm long and 99 cm wide, with a weight of 890 kg, the Z.E.R. On 2 October 1994 at the S.A.S.N. track of Nardò (Lecce), the Z.E.R. set the world record for an electric vehicle in class 2 F.I.A, for vehicles up to 1000 kg, the equivalent of a normal medium-sized car.

Its extremely low Cx of 0.11 allowed it to cover 199.882km in one hour. Seven months later, on the same track, the Z.E.R. broke the 300 km / h barrier. All in all, an astonishing result, both from a technical and image point of view, testifying to the true competitive spirit of the Turin designer.

Made in 1994

Zero Emission Bertone ZER Phase Motion Control
World speed record with Bertone ZER