Phase Motion Control
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CS: Technological evolution and combating climate change, Phase Motion Control takes up the challenge. Electric-powered aviation center is born with Phase Aerospace division

Opposite the Airport, in the spaces that were once the glorious Piaggio Aerospace, the electric-powered aviation center will find a home.

In the warehouses that have marked the recent history of the aviation and aeronautics world, Phase Motion Control is building a competence center where components and technologies are designed and manufactured to make aircraft increasingly sustainable.

Innovation, then, to solve environmental problems: progress can and should create value and well-being for Society.

The evolution of today’s ever-changing aviation technologies ranges from the simple replacement of hydraulic actuators with special electric actuators and motors to the creation of electric transport drones and electric vertical take-off cabs, and on to all-electric aircraft operating on batteries or liquid hydrogen.

The need to combat climate change requires a technological effort in the development of extremely light and reliable engines, converters and batteries.

Phase Motion Control has decided to take up the challenge, so it is working on building the competence center, in the Blue Gate facility, which ranges from advanced motor engineering to integrated electronics and Storage systems to power the aircraft of the future.