Kolibri: the first long range, heavy duty cargo eVTOL

Research and development

Kolibri: the first long range, heavy duty cargo eVTOL

Since 2020, Phase teamed with a group of advance aeronautical engineers to create the first cargo eVTOL, Kolibri.

The target was to reach 300 km range with 300 kg payload , at a cost/km competitive with trucking, at least on mountain roads. The achievement of this target was conditional on two critical developments:

An extremely efficient airframe, which would enable the required range within the energy density limitation of existing battery technology.

A simple design, with few parts and minimized maintenance requirements.

The Kolibri design is a cross between a tilted wing and multicopter, where the unusual propulsion efficiency stems from a novel counterrotating motor/propeller combination (Pat Pend) which overcomes the traditional quandary between lifting efficiency and horizontal flight efficiency, without the complexity of variable pitch, while distributing lift bet ween the wings and the forward winglets provides the best glide ratio and aerodynamic efficiency

Phase Motion Control contributed with the design of the complete propulsion drivetrain, from battery to propellers.
The first test flight of a Kolibri scale model occurred in December, 2021; advanced testing, with some modifications on the original design, is ongoing towards a full performance prototype release in 2Q2024.