Phase Motion Control
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30 Years of Passion and Innovation

From 1994 to 2024: Our vision

Phase Motion Control was created with the vision that the interdisciplinary research in new materials, power electronics, advance magnetics, sensors, and RT SW would create unlimited opportunity in cybernetics to the advantage of society in all fields.

This vision resulted in ultra-accurate drives for the largest telescopes in the world, as well as in super compact electro mechanical actuators for rocket nozzle vectoring. Phase advanced cybernetics was also used in training machines for biomedical, exoskeleton actuation, fly-by -wire actuators, magnets for ionic space motors, down to the more mundane DD robotics and DD NC machine control which Phase pioneered in the late 90s.

Coherent with this vision, Phase always invested in R&D; the first fully integrated intelligent motor, Torquewire ® was introduced back in 2002; planar transformer technology, high bandgap power devices
(SiC and GAN) were extensively tested at their onset and are currently part of the production program.

Current R&D activities focus on solid state battery technology, eco anodes for Li-Ion batteries; rare earth free permanent magnets, and rare earth magnet recycling.

Phase Motion Control 30 Years

Recently, society acknowledged at last that decarbonization is vital for the future of humanity. This requires electrification of all mobility, now based on carbon; and also requires storage both for an efficient use of renewables and for mobility itself.

Phase is active in all these fields, with powertrain developments for sea, land and air transport, from efficient DD ferries and workboats to foil flying pleasure boats; to bus and truck powertrain development,
to the novel and fast expanding field of electric flying, both conventional and E-VTOL.

On the energy side, Phase developed ultra high speed, storage and non storage based supercharger units for electric vehicles.

The decarbonization side of the economy is now expected to be the main development area of the Company for the foreseeable future, with the segmentation into aerospace, storage and land/sea divisions.
The Company plans to grow with the original ethical vision od supporting humanity through cybernetics research.