Super high torque direct drive motors for ropeways. One million Newton meter.

The largest of a series of modular Direct Drive, high torque, low speed motors was just delivered from Phase Blue Gate plant. Peak torque exceeds 1 Million Nm with a mass just below 22 tons.  These motors drive the most modern mountain installations without need for gears, oil and related oil change,  Direct drive motors offer […]

High torque direct drive electric motors for high-speed vessels onboard the vessel “Brisen”

High torque direct drive electric motors for high-speed vessels onboard the vessel “Brisen”

The high torque direct drive electric motors from Brim Tech represents a silent revolution at sea. Through a collaboration with Phase Motion Control, Brim Tech has developed electric motors that enables high-speed vessels to circumvent the gearbox, connecting the electric motors directly to the driveline and propellers on high speed vessels, solving a critical bottleneck […]

The new TK torque motor and generator made by Phase

TK torque motor and generator

The new TK engine, custom made by Phase Motion Control, capable of 250 kNm and 5MW power both in engine and generator mode, has just left from our “Blue Gate”, used to build a test bench for gas turbines. Basically, it is a huge variable adapter which allows to connect the turbines under test to different […]

Research and development in the field of batteries

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Research and development activities constitute the main asset of Phase Motion Control and are developed both internally and in collaboration with various research institutions. In collaboration with the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Genoa, Phase coordinates two pure research projects, in particular:1. The development of new high-performance magnetic substances that do not use […]

Farnborough International Airshow, 2022

Phase Motion Control will be at the FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW on July 20th 2022 Logic is investing in enabling technologies for the management and distribution of energy for hybrid propulsion systems that will power future aircrafts, and together we are developing a new 28 VDC Brushless Starter / Generator

High power density chargers

Phase Motion Control produces high power density chargers, which charge at 60kW, and can recharge a car in about 30 min, as well as being lightweight and portable on wheels. POWER ELECTRONICS Power electronics is the key to decarbonization. Phase Motion Control expands research & development and the scope of its products from advanced motors […]

Very small and super efficient


Phase Motion Control has created an engine for a highly technological and efficient submarine which is characterized by its size and extremely low weight, having a very high power that allows it to be connected directly to the propeller axis for propulsion, thus eliminating noise which is a fundamental requirement for military submarines! The electric […]