Phase Motion Control
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The Blue Gate Phase Motion Control main factory is designed to be fully sustainable

The Blue Gate Phase Motion Control main factory, in line with the Company vision, is designed to be fully sustainable and to integrate the Company and the town life.

Located in front of the Genoa Airport, Blue Gate inherited the historical buildings of the Piaggio Aerospace Company, erected in the 90s.  A complete overhaul and restructuring is well underway.

From an energy usage viewpoint, the new facility is structured with the following guidelines:

  • Primary energy is derived from an extensive photovoltaic plant covering the roofing and the sun shields extending from the roof to shade the new glass facade;

  • All heating, ventilation and air conditioning is operated by high efficiency, electric heat pumps; for added efficiency, all offices are conditioned with direct expansion cycle granting COP>4;

  • Existing factory natural lighting from the roof is remodelled with double glazing and IR filtering to reduce conditioning requirements in summer.

  • The thermal insulation of walls is upgraded, and all walls are coated with photocatalytic paint which use the energy of daylight to dissolve NOx compounds in the air.

Pannelli Solari Blue Gate Phase Motion Control Centrale fotovoltaica

The photovoltaic plant, with its 0.5 MW peak power capacity, which complements the 2.3 MW plant built, owned and operated by Phase 10 years ago, is designed with new, state of the art, bi-facial panels which generate energy from both sides.

This allows efficient use of the panels also in vertical, N-S orientation. This novelty resulted in their mounting in the railings on the terrace of the office building.

This on top of the traditional roof top application, where roof reflection adds some 5% to the output and panel shading lowers cooling requitements.

These new panels are made in Italy and are a European first. There are as many as 30 independent MPPT controllers in as many independent strings to minimize loss of power due to local shading.

Most flat roofs are green, accessible, and designed with a vision to integrate work and life. They offer two paddle fields while the main public area houses a planetary which is available for public and instructional viewing outside office hours.