Phase Motion Control
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Super high torque direct drive motors for ropeways. One million Newton meter.

The largest of a series of modular Direct Drive, high torque, low speed motors was just delivered from Phase Blue Gate plant. Peak torque exceeds 1 Million Nm with a mass just below 22 tons.

These motors drive the most modern mountain installations without need for gears, oil and related oil change,  Direct drive motors offer superior efficiency, almost 0 noise, and no maintenance. They blend with the nature without disturbing the environment any way.

The motor is composed of 4 modular water-cooled “rings” (stator + rotor), giving high-performances as 136000 Nm of Torque @ 22 rpm, with a Power of more than 300 Kw for each module, with a total Power of 1,2 MW (TK.2300.1600.250).