Electric propulsion for air mobility

Phase design the most innovative,
compact and efficient motors and power controllers in the aviation industry,
with 20+ years of electrification experience

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Green aviation can overcome current industry challenges by lowering emissions, increasing profitability and improving passenger experience

In hybrid solutions the compact electric motor operates at full power during take off allowing for the downsizing of the conventional internal combustion engine and then can be used at lower power, or as a generator during cruise operation

Optimized lightweight mechanical design, currently up to 4.3 kW/kg of continuous power output

In full electric solutions the motor is optimized for high efficiency in continuous operation providing high torque at high speed to deliver full thrust in all operating conditions

High mechanical stiffness, validated through FEA models, to withstand propeller thrust and typical airplane inertial loads

Lower emissions

Zero emissions are produced during electric aircraft flight, and electricity can be produced from low or no-carbon sources. Green aviation satisfies stricter emissions regulations, and will not be subject to emissions/fuel taxes.

Increased profitability

Electric aircraft have 30-50% lower operating costs compared to traditional combustion aircraft. Refuelling with hydrogen is likely to cost ~ 50% of kerosene, and recharging batteries is likely to cost 5-10x less

Rapid innovation

Electric aircraft are 90% efficient while conventional combustion aircraft are only 35% efficient. Investment in battery technology is booming for electric mobility and primary energy storage, never so high worldwide

Positive passenger experience

Attractive to climate-conscious consumers, such as the 46% of passengers who would pay ≥2% or more for carbon-neutral flights. Lower noise emissions increase possible locations served, providing passengers with greater travel flexibility