WNEVC 2019

The next wave of technological revolution is underway, represented by low-carbon energies, new materials, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, which is having a significant, far-reaching impact on the global economy and social development.

The automotive industry is an icon of industrial civilization.

Its sustainable and mutual development with our society is the goal that automotive stakeholders around the world are striving for.

The World New Energy Vehicle Conference (WNEVC), focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry and ecological environment improvement, brought together global experts and industry elites to share their insights and discuss development trends and innovations of NEVs, such as technologies, industry ecosystems, government policies, and business models.

During the World New Energy Vehicle Conference (WNEVC) from July 1st to 3rd 2019 in Bo’Ao (China), Phase Motion Control, has been represented by its CEO Eng. Dr. Marco Venturini, as a member of the Science and Technology Committee and International expert for the national ”Thousand People Plan”).

In the theme of “New Era, New Revolution, New Industry“, Congress highlighted the integrated development of electrification, intelligence, and shared mobility.

The Congress was focused on the integrated development of automobiles, energies, transport, information, and communication, along with the application scenarios of smart cities, which will play a leading raise in future new energy vehicle (NEV) development in China and around the world.

Here below the presentation discussed by Mr. Venturini during the WNEVC 2019.

Source: http://www.wnevc.org.cn/indexen.aspx

Posted on Luglio 16, 2019 in News

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