UL 18, high efficiency in high power. New range of large servo motors up to 2000 Nm, 350 kW is launched

The first samples of the novel UL 18 range of low inertia, high power density servo motors were delivered. The new range covers torque ratings between 400 and 2000 Nm in a 360 mm square frame, with heavy duty front bearing in a high strength cast iron front flange allowing heavy loading of the shaft. The motors are encased in a modular IP 65/IP54 light alloy frame to achieve maximum torque/mass ratio. Ul 18 series motors are available in natural convection, forced air over frame (servo TEFC) and water cooled configuration. Several windings are available to cover all direct drive, low speed application as well as high power continuous process drive, where their high efficiency, topping at 97%, is the primary advantage. The new range is aimed both at high power servo applications, such as servo press, metal forming, extrusion and plastic injection, and to the new field of continuous process control to increase accuracy, repeatability and energy saving. At current high energy costs, in a 24/7 application, the replacement of a standard induction motor rated 300 kW with the ultra high efficiency UL 18 PM motors, even in a constant speed application, brings about a complete payback in just 300 days (reference: energy price assumed E 75/MWh).

Posted on Novembre 28, 2013 in News, Senza categoria

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