TW7: a complete 20 kW servo package in the smallest frame enters production

The new TW7 integral servo motor successfully completed qualification tests and was sampled to the first customers. The integral servo motor package is capable of handling 20 kW continuous, 30 kW peak power with output torque up to 60 Nm. The package has a single water cooling circuits which conditions both motor and drive and is therefore ideally suited for compact, cabinet free automation, as well as auxiliary or primary motion control in vehicles. The drive can be supplied with built in resolver, single turn or absolute multi turn position encoder. The built in drive receives commands (typically position targets) through the CanOpen or optional EtherCat interface, interpolates the targets and closes all loops including position at 8 kHz rate. The PWM ripple frequency is b16 kHz guaranteeing noise free operation. A safety input is provided as well as a built in PM safety brake option for vertical loads. The built in drive solution is particularly optimized for EMI compatibility. There are no wires between motor and drive, and the whole of the high frequency part is fully encased in the motor system thus providing an effective shield. The built in drive is vibration proofed, high temperature rated and is designed without electrolytic capacitors to guarantee a very long operational life. The drive is rated IP 65.

Posted on Luglio 30, 2015 in News, Senza categoria

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