Torque and spindle motors

The TK series of frameless brushless motors provide the highest torque density available today for direct drive, high performance applications.

Unlike traditional torque motors, TK units have both high torque and high speed capability and thus operate seamlessly both as “spindle and rotary table motors”.

The rotors use special Phase manufactured magnets with minimized loss factor allowing high speed operation with a thin isotropic rotor.

All rotors are rigid units with mechanical, glue free magnet retention, preloaded carbon fiber sleeve for safe operation even at very high speed.
Rotor are often semi custom units to allow direct coupling to bearings, encoders, brakes.

All TK motors are designed for fluid (water) cooling on the outside of the stator for maximum performance.

Conduction/convection cooling is also possible. Constant power operation (flux control) always requires water cooling.


The P-MOVOC device is supplied as a necessary complement of the range of advanced frameless PM series TK motors when a constant power range in excess of 3:1, and up and beyond 1:10, is planned for the application.

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