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Industrial X-Ray Machine

Industrial X-Ray Machine COUNTRY: Italy MARKET: Special Machine Nr.5 interpolated axes with Can-Open interface for the part positioning . PMC with the TW5 motor can guarantee a very compactness and highest power density solution , good/performance cost ratio (aligned with the market needs).

Hermetic compressor

Hermetic compressor COUNTRY: USA MARKET: Industrial Compressor The technology DD was able to ensure in small volumes available within the compressors very high power density. The servo DD motors can guarantee an efficiency up to 98% reaching very high speed without any external inductance. Very high efficiency and power density.

Gearless lifts

COUNTRY: Italy MARKET: Lift DD Servomotors from 200Nm to 520Nm, speed range from 200 to 300rpm for gearless lifts application suitable for applications ranging from 500kg to 2000kg, 0,5-2m/s.- Requirements: Smooth cogging free movement Extreme torque density with very low noise Very aggressive pricing with WW competition

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