Servo Motors With Electronics

Servo Motors With Electronics

TW TorqueWire motors are complete, self sufficient servo axis building blocks which allow the design, integration and operation of large multi axis systems with minimum hardware and surprising ease. The TorqueWire motor system consists of an advanced, high performance rare earth brushless servo motor, a DSP based, high voltage interpolating servo drive and a single or multi turn absolute encoder, all assembled in a very compact IP 67 protected frame. The motor systems are controlled via a multi drop CANOpen fieldbus (or EtherCAT fieldbus), linking together groups of motors on a single bus system.


TW 3/5

Standard torquewire system
from 3Nm to 9 Nm


TW 5

Compact torquewire system
high density power


TW 7

Fan and water cooled torquewire
system from 15Nm to 70 Nm


TW Power Supply Size 1, 400 Vac rated 1 kW power supply with pre-charge cycle and integral brake unit.
SMD technology, 3 phase supply operation, 3 phase supply 200-440 Vac, Dynamic braking (external resistor required).

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