Hermetic compressor

Hermetic compressor


MARKET: Industrial Compressor

The technology DD was able to ensure in small volumes available within the compressors very high power density. The servo DD motors can guarantee an efficiency up to 98% reaching very high speed without any external inductance. Very high efficiency and power density.

PMC products used on the machine:


Torque packaged motors TK series

TK.220.145.x – (Tnom=244Nm @6000rpm – Tpeak=350Nm – Pn=145kW)
TK.220.170.x – (Tnom=260Nm @7000rpm – Tpeak=400Nm – Pn=219kW)
TK.260.165.x – (Tnom=380Nm @4300rpm – Tpeak=516Nm – Pn=156kW)
TK.260.190.x – (Tnom=432Nm @5500rpm – Tpeak=541Nm – Pn=212kW)
TK.260.240.x – (Tnom=540Nm @6750rpm – Tpeak=850Nm – Pn=3235kW)

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