P-MoVoC is certified by TUV Sud to meet SIL-3 and PLd requirements for safety

The new Motor Voltage Controller device by Phase Motion Control achieved the highest level of safety certification by TUV, according to IEC EN 62061 and UNI EN ISO 13849-1. The MoVoc device, when connected to the wide constant power range PM motors by Phase Motion Control, ensures that the voltage which is originated by the motor when running at any speed never exceeds a preset safe value which is permissible by the drive construction, thus protecting the drive and application in all events of drive accidental disable or failure with the motor running at high speed. The MoVoc replaces with advantage similar but limited devices provided by drive manufacturers and consequently removes the limitation on achievable constant power speed range which was imposed by the safety limitations of such devices. High speed applications where the constant power speed range exceed 1:4, hitherto forbidden by previous protection devices, are now possible; Phase Motion Control special TK motors are already capable of a constant power speed range exceeding 1:10. P-MoVoC is available in 3 sizes for motor short circuit current ratings of 40, 80 and 200 A. The device is IP 56 rated and can be assembled also outside of the drive cabinet adding to design flexibility.

Posted on Gennaio 31, 2015 in News, Senza categoria

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