New wholly owned subsidiary opened in Wuhan city

As of Oct, 1st a new subsidiary was opened in the ancient town of Wuhan in the very center of China. The design and technical support center, wholly owned, and well connected with the local universities of Wuhan, is located in the new Electro-Optical techno logy development park. It will employ up to 20 people, mostly graduates in electronics and motion control, and is dedicated to technical and system solution design to support the large industrial background in the center of China. Wuhan lies at the heart of mainland China and is one of the most important technical centers, with several major universities graduating in excess of 1 million students every year. Phase Motion Control Solutions will specialize in completing the offer of high tech motion components developed by Phase with the customer cooperation and system design expertise and assistance that will be required to realize high performance, next generation co-designed products.

Posted on Novembre 28, 2013 in News, Senza categoria

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