High accuracy fully engineered torque motors for superfast indexing of small rotary tables

The first fully engineered, high accuracy TK-M torque motor was delivered to the semiconductor assembly industry. Packaged Tk-M torquers consist of a light alloy high accuracy cylindrical frame which contains a high torque low speed tubular motor, a high accuracy, high resolution encoder, high accuracy bearings and static central pillar. These units are typically used as very fast very accurate actuators for small indexers typically used in semiconductor manufacture, pharmaceutical packaging but generally in the handling packaging of small, accurate parts. They can be used as the hub of small SCARA manipulators or the hub of light, fast rotary tables. Due to their compact, stiff structure without joints and the springless encoder, Tk-M demonstrates very high indexing speed, it settles within a few of arcseconds in about 7 msec. This in turn means that a rotary table can be fixed on it, rotate on the motor bearing, while the static central pillar is used as structure for the machine. The large, stationary central hole is suitable for feeding cabling and piping through the motor. The encoder has accuracy about 5” which means about 5 um with a 20 cm radius, and the extremely high control bandwidth means that more than 1200 positionings/minute can be achieved.

Posted on Luglio 30, 2015 in News, Senza categoria

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