Ethical Code


  1. The aim of the Company is to expand scientific knowledge and to progress technology through invention, design and efficient production of innovative devices in the field of cybernetics, motion control and energy conversion, in the belief that the advance of science is as much the driving force of humanity as it is the only means of offering the best future for all living beings.

  3. The Company aims to make a profit, because profit guarantees growth, independence and freedom of choice, all factors which contribute towards the pursuit of its aims. Any profit which requires non ethical methods or which does not work towards the aims of the Company will not be pursued.

  5. As innovation and discovery are exclusive to individual creativity, the Company considers its human capital at all levels to be the key asset of the firm and places it at the center of its interests. Accordingly, the Company promotes and demands behavior which is ethical, just and open, both internally and in its external relationships, in the belief that this is the only principle which is capable of guaranteeing growth of any social group in the long term.

The Company does not have a limited time frame.

Genova, 9.11.2009

  1. Eng. Marco Venturini



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