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Servopump COUNTRY: Germany MARKET: Plastic IMM Semi-custom PM high dynamic, low inertia Servomotor for direct coupling to pump. Simple constant displacement hydraulic pump. Low inertia and high dynamic response of the drive results in more accurate control of injection cycle and pressure.

Pitch Motor Axis Control

Pitch Motor Axis Control COUNTRY: Austria MARKET: Wind Energy Pitch angle adjustment is required to optimize turbine performance with varying wind speeds and gusts. Servo motors rotate inside the hub. Requirements: Mechanical setup adapted to constantly changing attitude (bearings, lubrication, cabling).

Main generator axis Pitch control

Main generator axis Pitch control COUNTRY: Italy MARKET: Power generation (Wind Power) PMC supplies big DD generators for wind generation system up to 3,3MW @16rpm. PMC develops big generator with double radial airgap, with thin ring technology, segmented, according to a solution patented from 1990.

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