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Who we are

Phase Motion Control S.p.a. was born as a centre of expertise in the power electronics and energy control sector. It specializes in electronic and electromechanical components and solutions optimized for continuous improvement of performance in the field of automation.

The internal design work has led to the achievement of a number of international techniques and patents, ranging from complete mechanical systems, to production technologies, to magnetic structures with high energy product magnets, to control algorithms for PWM AC drives. -B.C.

The Company performs all stages of the product design cycle, from conception through validation with CAD and FEA tools, to component and subsystem design and specification, down to the definition of tools, jigs and production cycles.

From the outset, the business has evolved into two areas:

1. Conception, simulation, design, industrialization of motors and special actuators for motion control, optimized both for electronic control and for the mechanical system operated.
2. Innovative electronic power drives, in which original solutions and algorithms are adopted, in order to optimize the flow of energy and maximize system performance, minimizing EMC interference and harmonic content in the network.

The Phase Motion Control production program is divided into two lines:

Custom SolutionS

Our core business, finding the solution tailored to the needs of our customers
Integrated solutions, produced by co-design with the customer to obtain excellent technical and economic performance: integrated joints, actuators, special motors, large drives for radio telescopes and scientific experiments; Projects dedicated to the development of specific application areas: hybrid traction, wind generators, photovoltaic converters.

Standard Products

Our strength is to create standard products after a long process of cooperation with the customers
Standard products for automation like ULTRACT 3 brushless motors, AxN and AxN-DC programmable drives, TW and TWX servomotors with integrated control; Custom frameless motors, in which the basic design is optimized on the needs of the application, TK and TK-H series.


Phase Motion Control centralizes the development of special projects and series products in its Genoa headquarters.


Of the staff is dedicated to R&D activities; Phase operates and continuously develops its own technologies and international patents in the Genoa office.

Marco Venturini, CEO of Phase Motion Control S.p.A.

Marco Venturini (IEEE M ‘78, S.M. ‘83) was born in Genoa, Italy. He received the Doctorate, with honors, in Nuclear Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in 1977.

After a first period as Visiting Researcher to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer sciences of the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) in 1976, he alternated professional activity in Italy with research at UCB until 1980. In 1980, after his invention of the Matrix Converter was acquired by Texas Instruments he joined TI and later on Philips, as R&D Manager. In this position he designed the first series of brushless PM motors for general automation to be produced in Italy, apart from coordinating development of a number of advanced motion control projects. In 1986 he founded Phase Motion Control S.p.A., which specialize in electronic power conversion, advanced motion control, specialty drives; among the projects realized by Phase Motion Control are the 10 diameter direct drives for the VLT telescope, a 18 m diameter, 230,000 Nm rated Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor for the GranTeCan Telescope, the drives of ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) as well as hybrid drive systems for advanced traction, large, low speed generators for wind, mini hydro, and tidal power,  up to a few MW rated power as well as small drives for robotics and space applications. Power conversion equipment from Phase Motion Control operate a number of MW rated photovoltaic plants, one of them belonging to Phase Group.

From 1999 Phase Motion Control expanded their operation in China and now operate from 5 plants in China (recently acquired by the Chinese state), Italy, France and U.S.A. Currently Phase Motion Control is active in all field o electric mobility from powertrains to battery systems and fast recharging stations.

The field of interest of Dr. Venturini includes power electronic conversion, integrated electronic/electromechanical design, high response speed servo drives, very high speed and linear motors. He holds numerous patents in the power electronics and electromechanical design fields. Dr. Venturini is a Senior Member of IEEE, member of IAS, PES, UAI.

Marco Venturini Ceo Phase Motion Control

ING. Marco Venturini

At Phase Motion Control, we work with the purpose of building a world that works.
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As innovation and discovery are exclusive to individual creativity, the Company considers its human capital at all levels to be the key asset of the firm and places it at the center of its interests. Accordingly, the Company promotes and demands behavior, which is ethical, just and open, both internally and in its external relationships, in the belief that this is the only principle which is capable of guaranteeing growth of any social group in the long term.