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Extra High Torque Density Motor

TK 1000.1000 This is the name of the new high torque density motor developed by Phase Motion Control. Thanks to an optimized electromagnetic design and highest grade NdFeB magnets, in less than a cubic meter (1mt Ø * 1m length) this motor can develop a continuous torque of 100’000 Nm @ 100 rpm (1 MW). It…

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High efficiency, high power density submersible PM motors for under water propulsion

Phase developed a set of fully submersible motors for special underwater propulsion applications. Motors specs include high torque, low speed, an exceptionally silent operation and they are suitable for direct coupling to a low speed propeller. Cooling is supplied by the surrounding medium. The very sturdy light alloy casing and the customized internal, bearing construction…

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Intelligent drives for hybrid over and underwater propulsion High performance, integral drive systems where the PM motor and the power pack are integrated in the same sealed frame are constantly developed for naval and underwater propulsion, both for hybrid and full electric vessels. Power packs include battery recharging, dock power supply, auxiliary inverters for the…

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Skyscrapers Direct Drive Elevator Project

Skytrain, the latest development of world’s leader in this sector, for superskyscraper elevators is made possible by the Phase development of a very high performance, outside rotor PM motor capable of more than 20,000 Nm in less than 1 M diameter. The torque density is so high that the motor can be built inside the sheave…

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The Alma Radio Telescope Array

ALMA is the most ambitious radio astronomy project undertaken so far wordwide. A joint project of the European Southern Observatory and of the US National Science Foundation, it consists of 56, autonomous, giant submillimeter radio telescopes installed on a 5000 m altitude plateau in the Atacama desert in northern Chile. The telescopes can be operated…

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