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La Phase Motion Control raccontata da Angelica Fiore

TG2 Servizio del 06/04/2016 – Edizione delle h. 20.30 Guarda il video

Trasferimento nella nuova sede nell’ex area Piaggio

Comunicato stampa. Lunedì 4 aprile 2016 Cliccare ⇒ o ⇐ per leggere l’intero articolo.

La PMC intervistata dal Sole 24 Ore

Eventi. Settimanale – Anno 9 N.5 (Lunedì 4 aprile 2016)


Marco Venturini intervistato da Silvia Mauro a CoffeeBreak

L’Ing. Venturini intervistato da Silvia Mauro di La7 per CoffeeBreak, racconta le vicissitudini burocratiche che l’azienda sta incontrando per la realizzazione del suo nuovo progetto: una nuova sede che offrirebbe più di 250 posti di lavoro, e la bonifica di un’area dismessa nell’entroterra genovese. Guarda il video.

Marco Venturini intervistato da Oscar Giannino a Radio 24

Marco Venturini – Presidente e AD di Phase Motion Control – negli studi di “La versione di Oscar”, programma radiofonico di approfondimento su Radio Due condotto da Oscar Giannino. Ascolta il podcast.

TW7: a complete 20 kW servo package in the smallest frame enters production

The new TW7 integral servo motor successfully completed qualification tests and was sampled to the first customers. The integral servo motor package is capable of handling 20 kW continuous, 30 kW peak power with output torque up to 60 Nm. The package has a single water cooling circuits which conditions both motor and drive and…

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The Casella photovoltaic plant is assembled by helicopter

The delivery and placement of about 12,000 solar panels on a large, and not too robust, 40,000 sq mt existing industrial roof raises some serious technical issues. Phase resolved those by engineering a ultra lightweight, stiff aluminum mounting latticework, which was computer verified for wind, snow and seismic loads and connects to the roof over…

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High accuracy fully engineered torque motors for superfast indexing of small rotary tables

The first fully engineered, high accuracy TK-M torque motor was delivered to the semiconductor assembly industry. Packaged Tk-M torquers consist of a light alloy high accuracy cylindrical frame which contains a high torque low speed tubular motor, a high accuracy, high resolution encoder, high accuracy bearings and static central pillar. These units are typically used…

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Ax-Sun converter systems for high power photovoltaic power plants

A new series of converter + filter for high power photovoltaic plants was introduced. The Ax-Sun system consists of the Ax-W 400-400-4 400 A rated high efficiency single conversion inverter system coupled with the Fx-W high frequency two stage filter system, all designed for unlimited paralleling and direct connection to the photovoltaic array on one…

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Hybrid electric motor systems for marine propulsion

A number of hybrid traction systems are developed by Phase Motion Control for traction and sea propulsion. Sailboats use the hybrid motor system to sail electrically both in harbor and at sea with range extended to several hours; battery recharging is achieved either by the drag on the propeller during sailing, or by the diesel…

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