AxN-DC 800


Modular Motion Control Platform

A complete current range between 100 Arms and 800 Arms in 4 sizes, together with several interfaces: analogue (+/-10V), fieldbus (CANOpen and EtherCAT), pulse and direction.
AxN is featuring a complete set of analogue and digital I/Os and a multiport encoder interface for the most common digital protocols (EnDat 2.2,Hiperface), SinCos encoder, TTL or resolver.


Robustness: all internal components are soldered and all the connectors have been designed in order to withstand even the worst environmental conditions in terms of vibrations and mechanical stresses).
Flexibility: a multipurpose cooling plate allows mounting in three different ways:

Fan cooled with heat sink internal to cabinet

Fan cooled with external heat sink to avoid need of expensive air conditioners in the cabinet

water cooled version



The modular platform, high performance control card and advanced control software all help to improve performance levels in a wide range of industrial applications requiring dynamics and precision, and where greater efficiency in terms of energy conversion and system integration means an essential plus factor for the markets include electric and hybrid propulsion, wind generation, and the conversion of general mechanical energy into electrical energy.
The configuration with a shared DC BUS allows an exchange of energy between the axes, reducing both energy waste from the dynamic brake resistor and the system’s total energy consumption.
The multi-axis architecture, with a shared power supply unit, reduces the dimensions of the axis module and the overall system dimensions by about 50% compared with a similar stand-alone configuration.
The auxiliary power supplies between each axis are distributed by means of internal connections.

Modular design: current peak size from 100 A to 800 A.

Support different protocol communication: EtherCAT, CANOpen, Anybus module.

EtherPMC: bus protocol EtherNET based Phase property: fastest communication each module (8 KHz timing).

Already tested the 800 A module.

Global solution: available from last quarter of 2017.

Cooling version available: water and fan cooling.



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