The Alma Radio Telescope Array

ALMA is the most ambitious radio astronomy project undertaken so far wordwide. A joint project of the European Southern Observatory and of the US National Science Foundation, it consists of 56, autonomous, giant submillimeter radio telescopes installed on a 5000 m altitude plateau in the Atacama desert in northern Chile. The telescopes can be operated synchronously to obtain the highest resolution, in the order of milliarc second. Phase designed, engineered, built and installed on site the motion control systems for the ESO telescopes. The novel direct drive systems, consisting of 3 and 6m diameter PM servo motors with built in control electronics, move the giant structures (over 26 m height) of the telescopes with a position accuracy around one milliarcsecond and settling times below one second, while surviving the rigors of the high altitude location.

Posted on Marzo 15, 2016 in Tech

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