UPDATE – Covid-19 (EN)


Dear Customer,

To face the contingent health emergency, due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, to protect our employees and limit the risk of contagion, the Management has decided to temporarily suspend all the production’s activities, as a precautionary measure,  from Tuesday 17th March 2020 until Friday 20th March 2020, with possible extension.

The suspension will result in a consequent and inevitable suspension of deliveries.

We ensure the receipt of goods arriving at our warehouse in Via Luigi Cibrario 4, 16154 Genova (GE), from h.8.00 to h.13.00 and from h.14.00 to h.17.00.

All office departments will be regularly operating in smart working mode.

Even if all the safety protocols defined by the DPCM have been adopted during the latest weeks, as described in our previous communications, we believe that we must take a further step forward in the prevention and protection of our employees and collaborators.

Phase Motion Control S.p.A. will provide continuous updates and ensuring the least possible inconvenience to its customers.

We trust in your cooperation at this difficult time that we are currently facing.

If you have any doubts or problems regarding this communication, please contact our Customer Care at customercare@phase.eu.

The General Management

Phase Motion Control S.p.A.

Posted on 16 Marzo, 2020 in News

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